The approach in the studio has been to fracture the image.  For the most part this is a simple and direct method.  I either use black paint or paper to block out images. To take this action begins to change the narrative in front of me. It reduces the forms of representation. This mode of working reveals questions about myself, viewers, and the worlds we live in. 

            The propensity to tell someone or myself what these artworks mean is always present. However, to do so creates a vacuum for thought, ideas and expressions. My desire to create means that ideas must stay in flux. They become one thing and easily morph into another. If static, where does one end up? To create binaries is a comfort I have not found.  I use found objects; from Jewish prayer books, to reproductions of Chardin’s paintings and Hermes’s catalogs.  To vary in content keeps the work and my thoughts diverse. If a viewer can have the same range of engagement I feel good about what I have done.